Jewelry Care


We view jewelry as one of our most intimate and treasured possessions. Recognizing how to care for your jewelry will make a great difference in the maintenance and longevity of each piece. All Pamela Card Jewelry designs are formed using high quality sterling silver, 10-14K gold and 24K gold plating. As all pieces are formed and carved by hand, there will be slight variances in texture and colour making them unique and more personal to each customer. Please take the time to put a little extra care into the wellbeing of your jewelry.



10K and 14K Gold jewelry can be polished with warm - not hot - soapy water and a soft cloth. Allowing the piece to soak in the warm water prior to scrubbing can also help remove dirt.



Gold plated jewelry has a layer of gold over the sterling silver - 3 microns in our case, so when it rubs away from natural wear and tear, the base silver metal will be revealed. To increase the longevity of your plating, please follow the below guide:

  • Plated jewelry is delicate and requires special attention and care. When not worn, store your jewelry separately in a small sealable plastic bag then put it into the original velvet box or dustbag to avoid damage.

  • Plated jewelry must never get wet. Most importantly, please remove plated rings when washing hands. Always remove plated jewelry when swimming, showering, performing sports, and when sleeping. Sweat, moisture, soaps and friction will cause the plating to rub away more quickly.

  • When applying lotion or perfume, always wait until your skin is completely dry to put on your plated jewelry. Frequent wear of plated pieces will speed up the process of rubbing off, especially on rings and bracelets as they have more contact with hard surfaces when worn.

  • Different levels of skin acidity will impact the longevity of the plated products.

  • Pieces will need re-plating every now and then to maintain their original appearance. Plating tarnishing or wearing off is not a production fault, it is a natural part of wear and tear that comes naturally when worn. *Please see information below on our professional replating service.



  • For all silver pieces, the key to maintaining shine is to keep wearing your piece as skin acidity naturally keeps the silver shiny.

  • You can also purchase a silver cloth to shine up your piece.



We highly recommend that our customers have their gold plated jewelry professionally re-plated once a year by us to maintain the superb shine and colour of their piece(s). Our team is pleased to provide a professional re-plating and polishing service for any of our pieces for 45CAD one time per year. 

Please email for more information.